Excellent New Golf Umbrella Policy at Cardiff Museum

You can see a van Goch, a Monet, a Renoir, a woolly mammoth, a T-Rex skull, a life sized diorama of a British woodland scene resplendent with the taxidermied remains of the national fauna, and of course the happiest flying turtle in the world, but the best thing at Cardiff Museum at the moment is undoubtedly their new golf umbrella policy.

There I was this morning, this cold and drizzly day, on my way to the museum for a quick look around as is my wont when I was approached by a friendly member of museum staff and I thought to myself, that’s odd, I’m not usually approached. The gentleman said to me, ‘Excuse me sir, it’s entirely your decision but if you like you can check your umbrella in at reception.’

I looked down at my General Electric golf umbrella. It’s not my favourite umbrella; that was stolen from me by a chav working at Costco when I did my Food Hygiene Level Two training. It had been a dark, rainy day and I was in amongst a gaggle of Costco staff whose idea of food hygiene was washing a raw turkey in a sink with soapy water. Seriously. At close of play I went to retrieve my golf umbrella from the corner of the room where I had diligently stored it only to discover it had been lifted by light fingers. I had loved that umbrella. It was black and when I used it I thought of myself as a New Yorker on my way to an important marketing meeting. Now I have a GE umbrella and I feel a little dirty because it’s turquoise and gaudy, though it does have a button one can press which initiates a self-erecting mechanism.

Check my umbrella at reception? I thought. What an absolutely incredible idea. Off to reception I went with a new spring in my step. ‘I’d like to check in my umbrella,’ I said.

‘Certainly, sir,’ said the receptionist, taking the umbrella from me and handing me a laminated raffle ticket, number 18, which I duly pocketed. Liberated of the hassle of carrying an umbrella around indoors increased my enjoyment of the museum by at least 20%. So I’d like to thank Cardiff Museum for such an inspiring policy and one which I hope other institutions will adopt. It turned my day into an absolute delight.


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