Welcome To My Blog

Good day to you internet viewer! How is your viewing today? Well I hope it’s going well.

You have come across the blog on your travels of one Rhys Thomas (me). Here you will find information about events occurring in my life, much as one might steal into someone’s private home and spy on their diary by torchlight. Welcome.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated fairly regularly with things going on in my life at present, but also give you, my new friend, glimpses down the telescope of time into my past.

Hold on to your butts….

Rhys x


3 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog

  1. Hello Rhys! I have followed your life up until now, and it has been very, very interesting indeed. Looking forward to the future posts, and hoping that they will be unfiltered! X


  2. Hey, I just read Dinosaur-Man at Daily SF, and I felt like dropping by and complementing you on getting an excellent story published. And I definitely think you were right in keeping the story short since I think it would only work as a flash fiction piece.


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